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The global warming of the air temperature increased by 0.74 ° C over the last century?
Cadmium is considered potential carcinogen and can harm kidneys and bones?
Lamp contains mercury. Exposure through ingestion or inhalation can cause damage to the central nervous system?
According to studies, the global temperature will rise between 1.1 and 6.4 º C?



Approves the legal regime applicable to electric and electronic equipment waste management, translating directive 2012/19/EU from the European Parliament and Council dated July 4, 2012


You can now take your old appliances to the Bucelas Fire Department

You can now take your old appliances to the Bucelas Fire Department. The Bucelas Fire Department is now a member, through execution of a protocol, of the Amb3E reception network. Look for more places to forward your WEEE in our menu “Recept...

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